Trying to sell your own products online is not only exciting but can be intimidating too. You’ll need to create your own sales pages, link it up with payment processing, delivery, etc.

There are so many moving parts to this that it can be confusing for most beginners. Furthermore, having to purchase a page builder, domain name, hosting, autoresponder and all the other tools required to get your business off the ground can be expensive when you add the costs up.

In the past, you had no choice but to fork out the money and go through the steep learning curve for each component involved in the business. This alone made many people quit on their dream of starting their own online business.

It just seemed too difficult. But not anymore,

Now we have Gumroad – a magnificent all-in-one solution that has allowed thousands of beginner marketers to sell their own products quickly and easily.

In fact, this site is so popular that close to over 97,000 people have used it and it has generated over half a million dollars, which is amazing considering that Gumroad is less than 10 years old.

Let’s see why most beginner and intermediate marketers will benefit from using Gumroad…

The Pros to Using Gumroad

Very easy to use

As mentioned earlier, the setup is easy. Your focus should be on creating the best possible product you can. Next, you’ll write some good sales copy for the sales page – then it’s just a matter of using Gumroad’s step-by-step system.

It’s as easy as just filling out a few fields and clicking ‘next’. Your page will be automatically set up with your product image and it’ll be ready to accept payments once you link your PayPal account to it (very easy) to do.

Both digital and physical products

Yes, you can sell both digital and physical products on Gumroad. So, if you can’t afford to pay for Shopify every month, Gumroad is an excellent alternative.

Highly affordable

There are hardly any costs involved with Gumroad. You won’t need to buy a page builder, domain, etc. There’s no monthly fee either. Gumroad will take a small cut of each sale plus 30 cents.

The percentage ranges from 9% to 2.9% depending on the revenue you’ve generated with the platform. The more sales you make over your lifetime, the lower Gumroad’s fee will be.

Payouts are simple

At the moment, Gumroad will either send you your earnings by direct deposit or straight to your PayPal. So that’s straightforward enough. They process the sales and send you your profits. Perfect!

Membership sites too!

Thinking of running a membership site but have no interest in setting up membership site plugins, etc.?

Gumroad has you covered here too. You can set up a profitable membership site in minutes on this platform and have a recurring income from paid subscription.

License keys

Thinking of selling software?

Yes! Gumroad can handle creating the license keys for your customers too.

Is there anything Gumroad can’t do?

This is a very versatile platform and a vendor’s dream come true.

Pay what you want

Another interesting feature of Gumroad is that they allow you to sell a product where you let your customers decide how much they will pay you.

So, the customer enters a price they think is reasonable, and Gumroad will charge them that amount and deliver the product to them. This is best used for digital products… and is an excellent way to get potential customers to try your product out.

Different currencies

Your product can be sold in different currencies. This is very useful. If you’re selling in the UK, you can price your product in £, if you’re in the US, you can set it to $ and so on. There are a variety of currencies you can choose within Gumroad.

Content protection

There’s no need for any plugins to gate your content. Gumroad does it all for you. It will protect your content and only paying customers will have access to it.


You’ll also be able to look at your data and analyze conversions, clicks and figure out how to improve your sales stats and do better. This is priceless information.

The Cons of Using Gumroad

There are almost no cons to using Gumroad. There might be some brand awareness lost because you’re selling on another platform instead of your own site or using one of the more established platforms. But this is a small price to pay for the convenience Gumroad provides.

In fact, there are people using Gumroad who make 6 figure sums. So, it’s better to use them and make sales than to quit because it’s too difficult to set it all up on your own site.

Should You Get It?

If you’re not ‘techy’ and you just want to sell – Gumroad is your answer.

Even if you’re an experienced marketer, sometimes you just want to get your product out there fast. Once again, Gumroad is an excellent solution.

The fees they charge are relatively low and you only pay when you sell. You’ll not have monthly fees to worry about. If you’re a beginner on a tight budget, this platform has your name written all over it.

Start selling with Gumroad and build a profitable online business in no time at all. You have no excuses now. Period.

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